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Choose Quest Diagnostics and pay less for lab services

Did you know?

You can save money on lab tests by using Quest Diagnostics. With ActiveCare Select and ActiveCare 2, you’ll pay $0 for covered lab tests at Quest Diagnostics. For ActiveCare 1-HD, Quest Diagnostics is the preferred lab with 80% coverage after deductible.

See how much you can save*

Column 1Column 2Quest DiagnosticsIn-Network Independent LabsIn-Network Hospital LabsOut-Of-Network Labs
Lab Test Cost** $30$45$120$300
Your CoverageActiveCare Select100%80%80%0%
ActiveCare 2100%80%80%60%
ActiveCare 1-HD80%80%80%60%
Your CostActiveCare Select$0$9$24$300
ActiveCare 2$0$9$24$120
ActiveCare 1-HD$6$9$24$120

*Example based on a patient who met his or her deductible. Dollar amounts show sample rates. They don’t show the rates for all providers in a particular category. Costs shown do not include any applicable copays or coinsurance. Refer to your plan documents for more information.
**These costs show an example of a routine lab test. Lab test cost may vary depending on the actual test provided.



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Here’s what you can do to make sure you save when you need lab work:

  1. Is your doctor collecting your sample in the office? Ask that it be sent to a Quest Diagnostics or another in-network lab.
  2. Is your doctor sending you to a lab for the testing? Ask for a lab requisition form to a Quest Diagnostics lab.

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