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Get health support — in ways that work for you. The disease management program can help.

Ready to be your healthiest you?

You can get solid support managing your condition with the disease management program. And it’s included with your ActiveCare plan, so you can start living healthier today.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Manage your condition
  • Lower your risks for new conditions
  • Work better with your doctor
  • Take your medicine safely
  • Find helpful resources

Support for more than 35 conditions

Support includes diabetes, heart disease, cancer, low back pain and digestive conditions. Your condition is likely covered, too.

A program that’s about you, not your condition

Your condition isn’t unique. But you sure are. So this program is designed to help you manage your condition in ways that work for you. You can:

  • Work with a nurse when it fits your schedule
  • Take online disease management programs to boost your nurse coaching sessions
  • Interact with the program by email or by phone
  • Call our dedicated disease management line toll-free, 24/7

Work one on one with a registered nurse

An Aetna nurse will act as your health coach. You choose why, when and how often to speak with him or her.

You can work with your nurse:

  • Before or after your doctor visits
  • When you’re looking for healthier lifestyle choices
  • To understand your doctor’s treatment plan

Only your doctor can decide on the best care for you. But your nurse is by your side with tips and ideas to help.

Technology that looks out for your health and safety

You benefit from smart technology that keeps scanning your health plan records. So if you visit the doctor or pick up a prescription, the system “knows” you did it.

It also scans information you or your care team entered into your online personal health record. Then it compares that information with current care guidelines to help you be safer and healthier.

This technology can suggest:

  • Stopping or adding a drug
  • Considering a procedure or test not given
  • Thinking about preventive care or wellness options

You may also get a call or letter, depending on the situation.

Manage your condition with online programs

You may have access to online disease management programs, too. They can supplement the progress you’re making with your nurse.

Program topics include:

  • General condition management
  • Low back pain
  • Diabetes
  • Pain management
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure

What’s the program like?

Let’s say you have diabetes. Here’s how a nurse would work with you to manage your condition today — and going forward.

He or she would:

  • Teach you about diabetes, and answer your questions
  • Send you information by mail or e-mail, or point you to online resources
  • Go over your doctor’s treatment plan with you
  • Explain possible side effects of your medicine
  • Help you set goals that work for you

How to start the program

If you need help, there are a few ways we’ll be able to find you:

  • Your doctor’s referral
  • Your medical or prescription claims
  • Our Patient Management staff

If you have a condition, or think you’re at risk:

  • Put in a request through your secure member website at
  • Call us at 1-800-222-9205

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