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Breast Health

You can make a difference

There are ways to improve your odds against getting breast cancer. A healthy diet and exercise get you off to a great start. So do yearly checkups and recommended screenings.

Five ways to lower your risk

Some healthy-living tips may help lower your risk for breast cancer:

  1. Watch your weight. It’s important to stay at the right body weight for your height and age. Overweight women have higher estrogen levels. This increases their cancer risk.
  2. Get physical. Working out helps lower body fat. Less fat means less risk. One hour a day can help lower breast cancer risk by 20 percent. But even 30 minutes a day can improve your chances.
  3. Cut back on alcohol. Limit yourself to one drink a day. Compared to women who don’t drink, women who have three or more drinks a day may double their risk.
  4. Don’t smoke. Smoking cigarettes raises your risk. If you are a smoker, think about getting help to kick the habit.
  5. Get your checkups and screenings. Discuss what’s right for you with your doctor.

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