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Help is always available

Not all people with alcohol problems look or act alike. Or even start drinking for similar reasons.

But one thing is certain: Everyone can get help.

Warning signs

Many people with alcohol issues are successful people who work every day. They aren’t easy to spot.

But there are some signs:

  • Drinking more to get the same feeling
  • Withdrawal symptoms, like hangovers or shaking
  • Loss of control, with an overpowering urge to drink
  • Health and legal issues, like injuries or arrests

Who’s at risk

Anyone can have a drinking problem, at any time in their lives. But someone’s more at risk if they:

  • Have a family history of alcohol abuse
  • Start drinking at an early age
  • Have a behavioral condition, like anxiety or depression

The first step

Many people do achieve recovery and go on to live full lives of long-term stability. So if you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol, get help today.

You might start by calling your family doctor. He or she can provide medical advice and treatment options. And refer you to other services.

More healthy resources

There are many other avenues to turn to for help:

  • YOUR STATE GOVERNMENT. Look for a state agency that works with drug and alcohol treatment programs.
  • ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS (AA). This group holds meetings in many cities and towns across the country. And it has a clear history of success.
  • AL-ANON. If you’re a friend or a family member of a drinker, here’s a place where you can find understanding and support

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